Mio Duce! Chovy!

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This was an interesting drawing for me because it was the first time I’ve ever fully utilized the 3D model import facility in CSP. I’ve used the inbuilt material library before for the train interior in the image below but not an external file.


Weirdly enough, CSP can only import really odd filetypes like the generic Wavefront object .obj, Lightwave object and scene .lwo and .lws, Autodesk filmbox along with some other obscure proprietary formats. Also they got rid of the import button that used to exist on 3D layer types (unless it’s been altered) so you have to manually drag and drop the file from explorer. They also got rid of the perspective shift ability which rather sucks ass as it makes this tool rather boring and frankly, useless. You might as well render a scene in Blender and import as raster reference layer.


Unfortunately the model’s details and components were lacking or incorrect and I had to do some adhoc repairs while drawing. The same methodology is applied to some striking background paintings. You might not notice, but some super detailed backgrounds use a base 3D scene constructed in Blender to provide the reference planes to apply details onto. If I recall correctly, there is a demonstration of this method in one of the Pixiv Quarterly mooks. But to be honest, the 3D engine inside CSP is not even remotely as good as just creating your own model in Blender and screen-capturing it instead. It just makes more sense.

Indeed, I didn’t plan on having this tank out on the battlefield but coming out of a garage so Anchovy’s hair is static when it should be flowing to the left due to the shockwave of the missed shell to the right. Also half way through I thought I could make the Carro Armato P40 fire a shell but then quickly realised the scene would have to become much darker for the barrel flash contrast (had already colored the tank). Essentially it would look like a pseudo night scene with the surfaces pointing forwards being lit up harshly but the plume and the forward tracks being slightly lifted off the ground. Nevertheless the goal of this drawing was fulfilled which was the 3D import and manipulation.

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