Iowa Progress

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31 hours of hell!

Also tried using the monochrome shading technique as well. The main advantage of this is that its easy to change the hue of the shading if you want to adjust it whenever you want. I also decided not to be as picky with perspective as my Haruna from two years ago.

Iowa_12_by_halcyonww-da2jo7b 4_by_halcyonww-da30wmm 8_by_halcyonww-da3hk1a 14_by_halcyonww-da4335n 17_5_by_halcyonww-da4bpcu 21_5_by_halcyonww-da52qlt 26_7_by_halcyonww-da5ttzo 28_5_by_halcyonww-da6pb7n


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