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C90 was a great success for the circle. The printing was perfect, good quality ink and paper. A representative of the printing company also came by to give his regards which I thought was nice. I can see why given you are bombarded with printing shop pamphlets when you arrive at your booth.


Halcyon brought the gear needed to furnish the table and we set up for the day (the same ones used when Insight went). Greeted the circle next to us, unfortunately we got a more popular corner booth facing the corridor so we didn’t get circles on both sides. We also exchanged books, which is considered a rarity now. Infact, there were two circles sitting in that booth so I exchanged 2 of mine for 3 different editions of theirs. They were incredibly nice.


The only problem was we didn’t print enough copies. When I was ordering the printing job my tweet only gathered 10 likes so I printed 70. But we sold out so fast within the first hour that a reporter came to our booth to take a picture. Given the rate at which we were selling and how many people turned up disappointed after reading the sample book, I would say we would have reached 150.


I had to give away my personal copy to a girl who was so desperate that she was willing to buy the grimy sample book. Some others came by and mentioned that could see the love or ‘ai’ in the work. One dude pre-ordered his copy through Pixiv. Came early to get it, came back later to ask for a sketchbook, told him to come back at 1pm. I was super surprised because he came back with 2 pocari sweats while I was drawing it. And later on he gave me a box of baumkuchen as a ‘sashi-ire’. This was a massive surprise to me because it’s a customary way of telling the artist ‘thanks for the work’ and ‘ganbattekudasai’ (the only downer was another guy who asked for a sketchbook but was a total weirdo and not gracious). But that simple act by one person is enough for me to continue drawing (in particular ARIA and maybe Amanchu) for some time to come.

Well, it seems like Halcyon is the next one to debut at Fuyuket!

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