An Update

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Yes I applied for C91. But I won’t know whether or not I get in until a while later. If I do get in, then the book I’m going to be making is probably an Illustration / 4 koma book to make it easy. We will see when the time comes.

Meanwhile here are some stuff I drew lately.


My PSO2 character. This is photoreferenced off an ingame screenshot though. There’s no chance in hell I could draw that weapon without it. I was trying the Granblue style colouring guide, but failed horribly cause I can’t understand the Engrish.


A terrible ‘speedpaint’ of my GW2 main character. The weird effect down the bottom is an attempt to replicate the Distortion effect that mesmers are known for.

Haruna_4a Haruna_4b

Of course I had to draw my kancolle favourite character in her offical summer wear!


A speed draw of my Stylet Frame Arms Girl.


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