Achievement Unlocked

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To be honest the ARIA doujin was the pinnacle of why I ever took up drawing Japanese anime/manga in the first place all those years ago. Now that I’ve finally fulfilled that goal, drawing seems somewhat lacklustre compared to what it used to be. It took a long time to get to this point and wouldn’t have done so without the support from muh m8’s.

Side Note: I would have attempted it many years earlier when I was younger and more ambitious but things went rather catastrophic after a multitude of separated incidents involving psychopaths. Heck, I’m even dealing with a psychopath now LOL (in this case a 40yo unmarried woman). The result is always the same, they want to use me for their personal gain at my significant expense. Not sure why I even attract people like this, maybe I’ll share these stories sometime later because regular people cannot imagine the type of shit people pull off in real life. It might be good material for creating psychological one-shots haha.

Nevertheless, my secondary aim was to try and pass my attained techniques and skills over to others before I would have completed the doujin. Tried many times, but this topic I will address in another post.

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