Etude Begins

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I will start a series of lectures under my guidance. Participation is optional. Assignment progress will be staggered. Make a new post with your image when finished.


This training involves a staggered timeline per assignment. This is how it works.

Week 1 – Sketch anything of your choice.
Week 2 – Post sketch and I will redline and give advice. If you want to repair and continue, either lineart or paint otherwise new sketch.
Week 3 – Post sketch/lineart/paint and I will redline/highlight areas that need rework. If you want to repair and continue, colour and finish piece, otherwise new sketch.
Week 4 – Post finished work or sketch and I will highlight areas that require attention. Start new sketch.
Week 5 – Goto week 1.


There is no point focusing on one particular aspect when training. All aspects of art are intertwined and you need to develop that intuition. For example, there is no point doing anatomy study of specific parts of the body without gesture and posing training at the same time. Alternatively, training on shading without developing insight into light/colour dynamics based on environment. Try to draw everything to completion, and work through all the issues simultaneously.

Why no topic?

Artists only draw what they feel like drawing (unless they are paid). It’s like sitting in a lecture of a subject that is compulsory but of no interest to yourself. You will listen, but the knowledge is seldom retained. Draw something you want to draw, even if it’s for something in particular like if you wanted to find out how to draw water. But make sure it’s a full illustration, there is no point drawing just water without the interaction/dynamics. If something is off, I will make a post detailing why (i.e. physics, anatomical etc.) and how you can fix it.

It is not limited to cute grils, draw whatever you feel like, mechas, manga, monmusu etc.

What if I can’t draw that week?

That is why it is staggered. I will only make a post on the weeks somebody has posted something for critique. If there is nothing on that week, I won’t do anything.

Other stuff

There is one problem with critique and that is faces. Faces are a stylistic and very subjective thing. I won’t comment on those unless you want to achieve a certain aesthetic or style. Only then will I demonstrate how to mimic a style of face.

Also, I am not known to be nice about critiquing. If you noticed when someone asks for comment/critique I consistently don’t say anything unless my critique is specifically requested. I am a scientist and love to analyse and scrutinize, much like the purple tentacle organism in the picture above. But I will always explain why it is wrong and how you can fix it, not by a redline, but by giving you knowledge and information about it. I will also share the tricks and shortcuts on some things when they occur.

Open sesame

So those who want to participate, post your sketches for the first week with the title [Etude Week 1] etc..

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