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long time lurk, sometime ARIA doujin collaborator and model building member noless here, at nano’s request here is a bit of what ive been doing recently, a Bandai figure-rise bust of Freya from Macross Delta.
This is only the first of 5, so everyone’s waifu is coming… unless you go for Mirage, in which case nothing has been announced yet so bad luck there?

as always in my infinite wisdom (excitement?) i forgot to take a photo of her straight snap built so I have stolen a photo for reference from (http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2016/08/31/101435.html). Since bandai did an amazing thing with multiple layer colour injection for the face I decided to do this as a mostly unpainted build which is a bit different from what I normally do. This means that I am mostly trying to find ways to not use the stickers in the kit, so I made some flesh coloured putty by melting down a bunch of the sprue from the flesh parts in glue to fill seam lines as well as masking and small detail adding.

ergh, just look at all those seems on the hand and wrist, yuck


muuuch better, I masked the bangles to protect them during the seam fills and sanding for those who are curious


used a technique common for resin ball jointed doll makers to detail up her eyes, used UV curing resin to make the lenses of her eyes, helps make her look a bit more allive, she was a bit of a dead fish before this treatment, as well as adding a small strip of white pla-plate for teeth so she didnt look so weird.

dsc_0450 dsc_0451

and finally a bit of masking for the parts that will be red, not shown is a bit of carving to put definition back into the ribbon on her arm as well as smoothing any seam lines.

thats all for today, hopefully tomorrow i will lay down the red and take off the masking, as well as a few pieces i glued today will be dry enough for sanding to remove seam lines then i can mask in prep for the pink details.

and to think all of this started because I bought a set of 1/144 scale VF-31’s cause i thought it would be a “quick” project, I swear its my skill to make simple projects complicated.

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