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So I’m working on backlog. The first thing was practicing facial expressions. I planned this during mid-august as preparation for that Utsuho drawing from my previous post. However, I jumped into it directly without doing the practice thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A bunch of days ago I took the task again. It originally was supposed to be about 6 facial expressions aiming for somewhat a moe style. For some reason, it has ended up being like 22 faces haha.


Completely underestimated the job.

After completing the first 6 faces I wasn’t pretty comfortable with the style achieved so I continued trying. Then I came out with the lowest row of heads. I actually liked these but they weren’t what I had in mind so I draw those 4 heads in the corner which are closer to the original thing. Being still not satisfied I drew another 6 more heads that kind of adjust to the idea.

Finally I thought I would try and practice inking as well. So after practicing inking with some old sketches I did the real thing. It hasn’t come out pretty bad for the first time doing something like this. I’ve had plenty of time to notice how I miss a bunch of points about anime grills hair.

process process-2

















I would scan it for better quality but it’s A3 so no scanner for that

On other notes, I was requested to design a character along with some views.


It came out looking kind of cheap but since it isn’t something pretty important I took the opportunity to practice views, since I can’t help messing with the coherence from one view to another. Also that day I was fucking inspired and tried to go into values wow haha.

Surprise, I somehow continue to make interactive digital environments. So I created a stupid looking character for my niggas to populate their fancy maps.


Next thing will be etudes. I’ll use them to try and go into drawings out of my league. Nevertheless the usual -unnecessarily long- post strim will be held.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and have a good one~



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