Étude Week 1

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So here it’s the first approach to the étude. But look at this:


See the difficulty thing? At first this drawing was mean to be just the girl seated, then since it felt like something I could manage to do, the terrace thing appeared and a background came with it. Still as I write this I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to be a glass blower.

Probably not :y


If there’s something harder than anatomy for me it’s interactions. That’s why I drew her sitting and her arms resting on the table. Usually I’m not pretty good at representing the actual weight transmission and the balance of the body, and I don’t think this drawing is a particular exception to this.


Apart from that I usually face other common anatomical difficulties like drawing hands and how to stylise them for each specific situation.

Interactions are not the sole purpose of the terrace. Another difficulty I usually find refers to “Incoherent spaces” among the subjects of the scene. This means that I find incredibly difficult to adjust the girl’s perspective to that of the table, chair… In this case, It took me a long time to try and adjust the table’s own perspective and then I redrew the chair a bunch of times because I didn’t find it to have the correct depth either.

tapersThis was among the scrap layers and is basically me miserably trying to fight perspective

Finally I added a background along with the floor which resulted in more perspective issues :y

At the end I packed everything the best I could. Maybe a bit badly proportioned. Maybe too many superfluous details for a sketch but still, I think the overall picture represents the best I can do currently out of my comfort zone.



Something that came out just right is layering and masking compared to my usual management. Everything is intact and separated ready for future fixes that will come once I can see more clearly what bothers me in this picture.

P.S I took my time to see what CSP is up to



This is it this time. Thanks for reading and take care (◡ ‿ ◡      ✿               )

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