Let’s paint: Pantyhose

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Hello everyone~

Today, I will share ONE way that I use to paint pantyhose. It’s one of the style that I most like and I have to say that I love girls wearing pantyhose! *Cough!! Cough!!*
W-well, I hope that tutorial can help you to understand and see how fun is to paint pantyhose!



Before we begin I would like to draw attention to some important points!

  • Always before you beginning a new paint is very important you define the idea from what you will or want to paint. Start without any clue of what paint will make things more hard for you!
  • Use references! They will support you to ‘unlock’ your creativity.
  • If you don’t know or have difficulty to draw something… USE REFERENCES! NEVER TRY GUESS THINGS! 
  • If you have some difficulty to draw/paint something give it a special attention, BUT, don’t only focus on it! For example, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Master in drawing and paint hands if you don’t know how to do draw/paint a body with dinamic poses! You need to balance things.
  • Be patient! It doesn’t matter from where you come, where you live or who are you. Being good in something don’t happen from day to another!!! You need to persevere!
  • Be patient!  To make a paint with good quality takes time!!! You can’t wait finish a masterpiece within 1 hour!  ( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ

Let’s start:

For this tutorial I used the follow tools:

– Clip Studio Paint(CSP);
– Intuos Pro Medium;
– Eyeglasses;
– Glass of water;
– Good playlist;


1º Step


It’ll help you to keep the correct proportions! Each artist use different kinds of line arts for different purposes.

2º Step


It’s very import that you knows at least the bases of color theory to create a good color pallet.

3º Step


Light and Shadow! More one point that without it you can’t make a good shading.
Defining from where is the light source comes will lead how the shades need to be done!
Respect the light source! He’s the Boss!

4º Step


This can be obvious, but, something you need to keep in mind is that you have to do each step(of the paint) separated, If you try to paint all the details once the probability of everything will mess up can increase!

– Some details like that one on the left thigh can be done using layer effect. For this one I used the Multiply. You need to know how each layer effect works before use it, otherwise the effect don’t will looks good!
– Make use of different layers for different details.

5º Step


For the the skin effect or the stretching of the pantyhose you can make it in two ways:
1º – Use the skin color and paint over the pantyhose color(or layer if you decide paint on a different layers)(This was what I did);
2º – You can erase using a soft brush the areas where the pantyhose is stretching. But, in this way you need to paint the skin below the pantyhose layer.

6º Step


The majority of materials can reflect the light… The intensity and the reflection area of the materials is variable! You need to study and learn how the reflection of light of each materials works.

Here, the pantyhose is made of a kind of fabric then the reflection of the light is low.

7º Step


High Light and Specular are the spot where the light is more bright!

8º Step


Textures are really great! But you need to keep on mind the style that you using or the textures will seems out of place!


To make the texture match with the overall paint you can work:
– decreasing the opacity of the texture layer;
– paint the texture;
– using layer effect on the texture layer.

9º Step


Make use of filters to balance the colors while you’re painting is very helpful! They are very good to give a final touch on your paint!!
But you need to use them carefully! The same way they can improve your paint if you don’t balance the effects the filters will mess up with your paint!

Here, I only use a bit of the Tone Curve Filter.









  • Paint the Line art is something that make the overall of your paint combine!!!!
  • If you think the Line art is popping up too much, you can work on the opacity of the layer;
  • Try to learn mimicking your favorite artists! Be meticulous in your analyze and not just try to imitate! Try to find out what PROCESS he used to get that particular result.;
  • Create your OWN technics! Always try to find out ways to improve your workflow!

Source(Image reference):


Thank you for reading and see ya!!




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