Rainbow in the Dark

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♪♬(ノ´_ゝ`)ノa thank you to thank you for the thank you ♪♬

So I had this tracer drawing in the pipeline. Somehow I managed to finish it with the most basic colour method I could think about. Later I got curious about what I could do in other painting styles so I tried my hand at them and aimed to get a clearer view about what to study. From those attempts I rescued these, to our delight.



First off, regarding colouring, I’m not only facing my own poor understanding of colour but also the incredible world from far beyond the basic “pencil” tool (AKA brush behaviours).

Even If I understood light beyond the simple sphere and I didn’t get killed by materials I still would be struggling against brushes not working as I would want them to. So I think I’ll have to give some kind of solution to that in the near future.

Apart from that, the only annoying thing I’ve faced is the “Let’s not blend everything to shit” thing. Even when it doesn’t stand out too much on a pure cel shading drawing, the term contrast continues to slip through my untrained fingers, or rather through my untrained neurons.


Secondly, a thing I’ve been able to re-affirm after this bunch of drawings is that I’m sloooooow…

…iiiiiIf I let this unattended at some point my drawing process will slow down until stagnation, then it will start going backwards in time, tearing apart this universe and bringing this world to a fateful end.

This kind of fun things never happen so probably I’ll continue to be fucking slow, which isn’t good either.

Professionally speaking, one thing that comes out to be more or less important is the Quality you can produce in a certain amount of Time. Since I know I spend a lot of time fixing shit or focusing on irrelevant details to the whole picture, knowing my average time per step and trying to reduce it from there could may be not be the worst idea. We will see in future posts anyway.


On other notes, my drawings are never accurate :y


A different tone of light, the thickness of a line or the deviation of the mouth, and the concept is blown away. Still I guess that only mastery over techne allows such goals. ¯\_(    ツ   )_/¯

Next thing will be études, see you then o7

Perspective is going to finish me off 🙂

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