Rune pika beam!

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Post is somewhat late, I actually finished Freya not long after i posted the last WIP >.>

all done now, with some before and after comparison shots below.

fairly happy with how she came out, careful choice of clear top coats really does make the difference for a figure and I am always a bit saddened when i see a good paint job spoilt by poor choice of clears, here i have semi gloss for hair, gloss for her rune and the gem in her hair accessory, and the thick UV resin for her eyes, to diffentiate the skin I actually instead just polished with 2000 grit sandpaper to take off the shine of the as cast plastic (though mostly i couldnt be bothered to mask off the ribbon on her arm and actually flat coat all of her skin, but in this case the resultant sheen was quite pleasing.

i really should get a less yellow light for taking photos…

currently on the bench: makina is snap built and mikumo is in the mail, I will likely build them as a pair, then reina and kaname also as a pair, gone back to a rory and nozo-eri in the meantime

noless out~


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