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Kinda late but yeah, here it is, I remade the initial étude. Probably the optimal flow would have been to somehow continue it, fixing little issues, but the perspective thing was too much. Space is where things happen after all :y

As it could be expected, theory without practice is not very useful.  So during this time, I have been practicing some perspective so my drawings start belonging to our usual dimension. Academia’s resources came in handy this time.

Once understood that in this planet there aren’t 8 horizons for the same ground plane, the difficulty came out of accepting that the one horizon left is not the ground, and once I overcame that the only mind-blowing concept was VPs out of frame. Regarding this, learning how to use CSP perspective rulers was incredibly helpful because they allow you to check perspective placing VPs out of the canvas without having to actually change its size. It’s good.

For the moment, although sometimes I just mess up out of distraction, I can’t manage properly perspective applied to human body. Although I think this comes out of a triangle of poorly driven perspective-anatomy-stylization.

This time I also started by defining the background and the basic space first, as recommended. Like I said in previous étude post, I wasn’t comfortable with the perspective but didn’t know exactly why. By comparison with this new picture the subject is really less flat than in the original which I guess is kind of good.


Thickness of the objects in the scene was also noted and it’s true that for some reason as the chair goes up it becomes thinner among some other things. This time I tried to take care of that. More important is the thickness of the girl though. Even when in the redlined version it looked better for me I couldn’t spot the exact issue until sometime later, comparison also helped on that. I have tried to correct it but still I don’t think I have full control on that, so for the moment I’ll just try to be careful since it probably came out of working on those specific areas for too long disregarding the whole body.

The hands were an easier matter since I knew they were kind of small. Knowing a start point reference as the relation with a stylized manga face is great. Although the problem probably comes out of poor forearm/arm proportions or lack of confidence in hands anatomy.

Again, zooming a lot and working just on one foot occasioned the girl to have 2 left feet which I didn’t notice until I was told. It was successfully corrected this time tho :y

That’s it for now, I think the overall has improved but as I said above there still a bunch of things a bit ahead of me. Will see. While I was practicing I started working on some drawings involving intense use of perspective with rather horrible results but probably soon I’ll start correcting and posting some of them let’s hope it comes out this time with sexy results.



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