Animation Practice

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Been spending what little is left of my free time just playing around with the animation workbench in CSP. I thought that the limit was only 24 frames total but that only seems to be a restriction applied to the CSP version and not the EX. Looks like EX can have unlimited timelines and frames.

The issue is that you can’t do clean animations on this workbench, it is barebones so you can only draw raster frames. In other words, it’s completely manual and old-skool. Drawing more than 15fps using raster is prohibitive and looks rather choppy like the 24fps experiment below. This workbench is really only limited to very basic stuff like eyes battering or advanced stuff like sakuga which requires less finesse in line accuracy etc. Anything more requires Celsys’ professional animation tools in the RETAS Studio package that has things to optimise the workflow.


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