Sketching on openCanvas

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I tried out openCanvas v6.0 with this sketch and I have to say… It’s harder to use than when I last used it at v4.5?! Plus the eraser nib on my Wacom stylus doesn’t register so I have to manually select the eraser tool with the keyboard shortcut. I haven’t done this since I was using SAI!

The event playback function on openCanvas is always cool, and I wish CSP had a function like this. But all said and done, using openCanvas feels somewhat clunky compared to what CSP is now. Plus the brush engine is vastly inferior, I don’t think openCanvas has changed their tools since v3.0 which was around 2005 (more than a decade ago!!). Meanwhile CSP is integrating new functions and filters continuously with community support. Perhaps oC should have been what CSP is now, but they kind of bungled up their marketing and deployment, and SAI was created just as v5.0 was coming out so…

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