Étude week 3

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Unnecessary ranting ahead :3c

It’s been quite a long time huh? To sum up, I’ve been fervently discussing with my professors their teaching ways. I kind of want to trust old academic beings so I employed a lot of time conducting proper analysis taking into account every possible perspective, reasoning, alternatives and possible improvements to their ways…

Talking about improvements. I redid my étude and this time I went for a more risky approach. My last étude was practically a technical drawing almost purely intended to assemble everything correctly. This time I tried something more dynamic trying to apply the advice given without copying exactly.

It has been a rather interesting challenge for me. This has been the result of 2 serious attempts and a bunch more of drafts trying to arrange some kind of composition.

I’ve tried to draw a wide angle to do something more advanced with perspective and I think that it kinda behaves for the most centric buildings. The clock, building’s depth and foreground objects were not that lucky.

Since it is a low angle, it’s hard for me to truly discern the distance between the closer building and the ones on the background, reason why the ground is directly not drawn.

Another issue that can be found on the buildings is that they give a pretty much static feeling. What I mean with this is that IRL buildings are usually more irregular than that and it somehow hits the eye.


Until here everything had been more or less treated in previous études. Colour was a pretty important part in this one. What I intended to reproduce was a very sunny day. Being, at any rate, used to colour bodies, trying to figure out the position of the light source to project the proper shadow shape plus the-possible-diffusion-of-the-shadow-along-with-the-resulting-tone-out-of-bouncing-light made me roll my eyes and die, several times. This along some hesitations about other aspects of the drawing kept me away from rendering any further detail. Although, on second thoughts, maybe putting there the ugly shade and the wonky details is probably still more instructive than not doing it.

The biggest issue I found this time didn’t even have anything to do with the drawing itself but with the way I manage time and layers. During the colouring process I was going back and forth without much idea about what I was doing resulting in a mess and in a time loss.

So while I get feedback on this, I plan to be settling down some kind of base method studying much more simplistic paintings.  And also learning what the words “rough sketch” might mean since this issue maybe works in similar fashion as getting lost in layers of paint :y

Hope to post soon again, see you then o/

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