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Long time no seeeeee.

Im baaaaaack

Sadly as much as I like to rant and post shitty drawings it hasn’t been possible.

To keep it short, during around 3 months I’ve been working as an intern, so I didn’t draw shit. Then tried to learn to draw again and then it’s now.

So between learning to draw and now I drew this thing.

It’s a lame reference an old painting mixed with one of ZUN’s storys. Retrospective 53 minutes to be precise.

The shinkansen portrayed there is quite the thing since, technically, instead of walls it has some sort of SuperKaleidoscopic screens showing a representation of the “real” world above, since this one runs in a straight line underground.

This drawing has been also pretty interesting for me. It has taken like a month to complete, not because it has a big load of work but rather because I’ve been trying that thing about drawing-waiting-correct.  If I’m not wrong this file was the “Revision 6 Alt 2” version haha.

What nobody should ever know is that I messed the measures of the canvas and the original finished file measures 1.5 x 0.5 meters with a resolution of 330dpi. I hope I can print a nice dress with it someday.

Apart from that, the big difference between this and the last time I tried to draw something with a background is that this is actually finished, which is good. Along the process I think I managed to correct some serious shit but still I couldn’t deal properly with stylising the body, hands mainly. The turboperspective and colours need little explanation.

The general feeling I get from it is rather “meh” but still it suffices, as its original purpose was being a mere twitter header.

So I think I’ll try to analyse from other artists what stylization features make a drawing be perceived in a certain way (Like what makes something cute, how eye shape affects the character,etc) and manage to introduce them in my own process. I hope this way I dont tend to draw always the same thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As always any review, critique or comment is welcomed.

I would say that I will keep drawing but every time I say that something happens. Just like when I say that we should be able to win a match in OW we lose :y

I’ll leave that to chance.


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