Circle Academia

ACADEMIA is a creator circle. Technically speaking it is a doujin group (artist coterie). It is a collective group of like-minded skilled and creative individuals hanging out and sometimes collaboratively working on projects. We chill out, and help each other when it is wanted. The circle also creates projects and activities that members and guests can participate in.

The updates are slow because the majority of our members are not artists by trade. We draw for fun.

Occasionally when a member feels like it, a project is initiated that is either closed or open to all members of Academia. This includes themed artbooks and/or doujinshi. Sometimes when the stars align, we apply for a convention to showcase/distribute our works.

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Philosophy and Rationale

The circle currently exists as a mainstay for member artists, who periodically drop in an out due to IRL priorities. It also exists as a place for artists to network and possibly assist for various things such as drawing, planning, or even traveling to other countries.

Things always change with time and this circle and it’s members have evolved with it. As such the role of this circle and it’s overarching philosophy will probably change in the future. Each year an Annual General Meeting is conducted to determine the future of the circle.


Common sense.

Kojin Circles

In the artist’s page there are ‘kojin’ (lit. personal) circles listed. These are officially listed circles in the registry used for the sole purpose of applying for Japanese conventions such as Comitia and Comiket. Note that a kojin circle is usually managed by a single artist as it is very rare to find a duo/trio of artists who share the exact same skills and interests. A small unit of artists exhibiting gestalt is a real ‘doujin’ circle. Doujin literally means similar person.

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  2. Membership to the circle is determined via consensus of all existing active members. In the event of contention, a majority vote will be held. Each active member has an ability to veto an application so make sure you are on neutral/good terms with existing members.