A collection of nude pose images to be used for reference and practice.


An index of photos of Venice to be used for reference. Includes gondolas and various landmarks.

Comiket Application

A guide on how to apply for Comiket using the online system @ circle.ms.

Cosplay Photos

A collection of random cosplay photos taken during conventions such as Comiket etc.

Otaku’s Guide to Japan

A list of places to visit in Tokyo for the chinese cartoon connoisseur.

Cosplay Photoshop Faces

A guide on how to edit photos of cosplayers to eliminate minor blemishes and smoothen skin.

Drawing Programs

A list of drawing programs detailing the pros and cons of each platform.

Comiket Printing Shops

A list of printing shops for printing doujinshi or creating goods to sell at sokubaikais (comic conventions).


A list of terms in common use related to the blog and the wider academic community.