Akihabara (or Akiba for short) has a JR station (JR Akihabara) located near the main crossing that can be accessed via the Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku Line.

On the other end of Chuo-dori (the main street) is a subway station (Suehirocho Stn.) that can be accessed via the Tokyo Metro Ginza line.


Selected Locations



There are 3 major animate stores in Akihabara. The main store is located on the main street (Chuo Dori) and is unmistakable as a slender blue building next to the orange Toranoana buildings. This store sells official goods such as manga, magazines, merchandise, singles/albums, and limited edition items. On the wall near the elevator on most floors are concert/event tickets which you can buy without the need to book at a convenience store ticketing machine.

The special store is located on the ground floor of the Akiba Cultures Zone building, the white one visible from the main intersection. This Animate is small, and only has merchandise which is limited edition. It also displays has displays of animes airing that season.

The cosplay store is located on the top floor of the Akiba Cultures Zone building. It is rather small compared to the Ikebukuro store, but it has all the basics, costumes, and wigs required for most cosplays.



There are 3 major Toranoana stores located in Akiba. The main two stores A and B are next to each other. They are separate buildings and contain doujin goods for male and female oriented audiences respectively. The new Toranoana C store is located across from the main two and is a single level store. It houses the most popular ero-doujinshi, as well as vintage copies of older doujins and some antique or rare ones that can be sought for at the antique reception at the back of the store.


A German styled maid cafe called Schatzkiste (German for Treasure Box). Don’t expect the saccharin style singing or prancing around with scantily clad girls here. All the maids are soft spoken and will try to converse with you on a range of topics. Your patronage is charged by the half hour, and you get free unlimited drinks. The biscuits and specialty teas however are charged. The teas they serve are specially infused with flowers etc. and have brilliant colours. This cafe prides itself as a place for respite from the insanity of Akiba.


Creator Cafe Seisakujo

This place is not really a ‘cafe’ as there is no interaction between artists. It’s more like an internet cafe where there are booths to work in with all the tools you require. This place is charged by the hour. It is also adjoined to a printing shop which you can use to print your works, poster, or doujinshi.


GSC x Animate Cafe

Formerly known as the Good Smile Cafe, it features anime specific dishes and drinks. Caution, the cafe is now sealed off with the Animate Cosplay store taking up half the space now. The cafe is reservations only, so make sure to reserve online!



An official merchandise store specializing in limited edition goods, plastic models for series such as Armored Core and F:AG (Armored Girls), garage kits, and Disney related goods such as Star Wars.



An audiophile store that literally has nearly every head worn audio product out there. You can find STAX and amps here, as well as Etymotic earbuds and Grados etc. This is audiophile heaven. Note they moved the store to this new location shown below. The store itself is on the 4th floor, and you enter through the side and an elevator. Do not enter the ground floor reception, that is the e-earphone service shop for repairing earbuds and headphones.


Akiba Cultures Zone

The Akiba Cultures Zone building is the large white building seen below. This building contains Animate Special/Cosplay, Rashinban, TRIO, Robot+Robot and the GSC Cafe along with many other specialty stores.